Vector Graphics

On several occasions I've wanted to make a desktop image or other piece of artwork with a design from a favorite book or series, but I was limited by the (usually) small size and (often) low quality of the bitmap images commonly available on the Internet. Defined with mathematical functions rather than as an array of pixels, vector graphics have the convenient property of being almost arbitrarily resizable without loss of quality. But since I usually couldn't find any on the Internet when I looked, I decided to make my own—and here they are.

Please send me any comments on the current images or suggestions for new ones, particularly from anime. The formats below are the most commonly useful, but may not be suitable for all purposes; feel free to e-mail me requests for specific formats and/or sizes. Though it probably goes without saying, all the designs seen on this page are © their respective creators, not me, but I would prefer to get some credit for making these if you use them for anything. Feel free to download them for whatever purpose.

Currently, files are available for the following:

A few people have sent me photos of the graphics here being used in the real world, and I've posted them below. Send me yours and I'll put it up too. (For another example of vector graphic usage in real life, take a look at my Fanboyism page.)



Lord of the Rings

Martian Successor Nadesico

Metal Gear Solid

Neon Genesis Evangelion


Star Wars