Chalk into Gold

I watch anime. A necessary side effect of this fact is that I have no life, and thus must find other diversions with which to fill my time. One of the series I'm particularly fond of is Fullmetal Alchemist, which involves two young alchemists searching for the Philosopher's Stone. Alchemy is accomplished by manipulating occult-looking diagrams called transmutation circles (錬成陣, or renseijin in Japanese). In the process of trying and failing to work out the text on the series' title screen, one of my internet friends (also an RPI student) somehow got it into my head to try drawing a renseijin in real life, preferably on a large scale. The results are depicted here.

Click on any of the images below for a larger version.


KiraCatgirl designed the figure, came up with the notion of drawing it in real life, and provided the motivation (and chalk) we needed to carry through with the plan. I vectorized the design in Illustrator, added the hexagon and text, and scrounged up the extension cord. AngryChicken was indispensible in actually drawing the thing; in hindsight two people almost certainly couldn't have finished it in any reasonable amount of time.