Urban Cones

Though they are mainly born and raised in suburban areas, cones usually migrate to large cities to spend their lives. We know that their bright orange exterior prevents efficient photosynthesis; I surmise that they are able to obtain sustinance from the pollution particulates in the city air. They may also thrive on the bits of discarded material that coats the pavement and sidewalks of any urban area. At any rate, cities are prime locations for observing the behaviors of these interesting and often misunderstood creatures.

The War Of Boston

After arriving in Boston, I saw an orange cone and rather stupidly remembered the camera I had left at home. I allowed myself to be ripped off for a disposable 15-shot camera that should have cost about two dollars. Proceeding on my merry way, I took 13 pictures of orange cones and barrels and two pictures of amusing signs, one of which didn't come out because the flash failed to work.

Because of the road work, the pavement was often torn up. Also, many of the cones and barrels seemed either dead, injured, or both. This is when I came up with the theory that the cones and barrels might be enemies.

I'm not sure who's winning or what they're fighting for, or what they even fight with for that matter, but one thing is clear: the general populace of Boston is completely unaware of the conflict raging about them. The first part of the page is intended to rectify that.

Boston: The Aftermath

By now, the war has largely subsided; although isolated battles still occur every so often, the treaty has put an end to large-scale actions. Now, Boston is safe once again for both people and cones alike.

Noo Yawk Cones

In late July, I went on a two-day trip to NYC to see the spiffy new Hayden Planetarium. Obviously, there were many cones to be seen. However, half a disaster struck: I was there for two days, and it rained for the entirety of the first day. Not wanting to get any of the smog-acidified water on the lens, I was unable to take as many pictures as I would have liked. I will get more on any future trips, however.